Cypher for .net

Walter.Cypher Namespace


  Class Description
Public class CheckSum
The CheckSum class will generate checksum hashing and provide hash validation
Public class CipherException
Class CipherException. Implements the [System.Exception]
Public class Crypto
The Cryptology class makes encryption simple and consistent in all that use it. You can cypher text using a certificate or a password.
Public class PasswordGenerator
Class PasswordGenerator generates passwords and adds Tamper detection to the passwords that are generated.
Public class Secure
Base class for EF POCO classes. Look at GlobalKey and GlobalSalt for application wide cipher settings in regards to data classes that are not using a given password. ///
Public class SecureLazy<(Of <(<'Tfactory>)>)>
Lazy class that allows properties to progressively load data or interact with a factory pattern


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CipherMethod
Encryption method used
Public enumeration EncryptionScope
Scope to encrypt data is accessible for users system defaults and should not be used for longterm storage