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KeyRing Members

The KeyRing type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method KeyRing
instantiate keyring instance with keys


  Name Description
Public method Equals(Object)
Determines whether the specified Object is equal to this instance.
Public method Equals(KeyRing)
Indicates whether the current object is equal to another object of the same type.
Protected method Finalize (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetHashCode
Returns a hash code for this instance.
Public method GetType (Inherited from Object.)
Public method Static member LoadFromDisk Obsolete.
Loads from disk.
Public method Static member LoadFromStream
Read keyring from stream
Protected method MemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Public method SaveToDisk Obsolete.
Saves to disk.
Public method SaveToDiskAsync
Save the keyring using an secure binary format using async method
Public method ToString (Inherited from Object.)
Public method Static member TryLoadFromDisk
load the keyring from a secure binary format
Public method TrySaveToDisk
Save the keyring using an secure binary format


  Name Description
Public operator Static member Equality
Implements the == operator.
Public operator Static member Inequality
Implements the != operator.


  Name Description
Public property PrivateKey
Gets or sets the private key.
Public property PublicKey
Gets or sets the public key.